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Computer Science

Welcome to Integrated STEM!

4th Grade and up

Spring classes begin April 2, 2018. Rolling admissions.

Take a hard look at your laptop or smartphone. Do you know who develops the technology that makes these devices thinner, faster and better?

How would our program benefit you if you're not "really good at math"?

For answers to this question and more, visit the Kids page.

Shouldn’t my 4th grader wait until school’s over and take these classes during the summer?

What makes your classes different, and how will they help my child?

Does your program prepare students for the Mark Twain and Bay Academy entrance exams?

What is the Young Engineers Math Circle? Is it free?

For answers to the above questions and more, visit the Parents page and the Mark Twain Exams page.

After-school packages: private and public schools.

Looking to introduce Integrated STEM to your school? We offer after-school packages for 4th through 8th grade. Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

Coming soon …. "Algorithms & Graph Theory for Early Elementary Years"

Grades 1 through 3 learn to process every-day activities the way a computer scientist or computer programmer would.

Please contact us at (347) 984-2059

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