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Mark Twain IS239 test prep, Bay Academy IS98 test prep
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Mark Twain Entrance Exam Prep

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Computer Science

Mark Twain (IS 239) & Bay Academy (IS 98): Math/Computer and Science Talents

Since 2008, we have been successfully preparing kids for the Math/Computer Talent test and the Science Talent test for entry to Mark Twain and Bay Academy. Our course of study is designed by an MIT alumnus who is so in tune with the message conveyed at this middle school’s Open House, that for several years in a row, we have assigned questions in October/November that showed up on the Math/Computer test in January/February. Uncanny, but true! We understand the mindset and the direction in which the school has been moving in the past six years or so, and can brag that in some instances, we got there before Mark Twain did. Click here to peruse the class offerings available to our 4th and 5th graders.

Our advice: Start early!! We prepare students from 4th grade. Because not all New York City schools are created equal, smart students often lack exposure to problem-solving, coding, and knowledge of technology. Scientific Method, cells, and various science topics are missing from some schools’ curriculum. Depth of knowledge and analytical skills in math, computer, and science are often sorely lacking. Yes, your child is BRIGHT, but the proper level of EXPOSURE is often not there. When students start seeking instruction in September of 5th grade, they are taking on added coursework on top of school work, homework, and extracurriculars. New information becomes rushed when they need time to mull things over. Start early!

Sign up: All prospective students take a diagnostic test for the reasons listed above, and because each child’s needs are different. We assess your child’s approach to problem-solving and their depth and breadth of knowledge. One of the reasons why our success rate is so high (our students are accepted every year) is because we target and hammer away at the weak spots.

Life skills: Knowledge does not stand alone, but is supported and enhanced by certain life skills. We make our students keenly aware of those life skills and influence their development. Our approach is holistic and effective, close to 80% of our registered clientele were referred to us by former students.


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